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Posted on 02/28/2013 by admin with Comments Off on Bryan Singer Teases Cyclops and Jean Grey for X-Men: Days of Future Past Filed under: Films

The cast for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past seems to be growing bigger by the day and, today, IGN spoke with Singer about the 2014 release and asked him if he was eager to find some way to see Cyclops and Jean Grey appear.

“Who wouldn’t?,” he laughed, mysteriously. “Who wouldn’t? That’s all I can say.”

James Marsden and Famke Janssen played Cyclops and Jean Grey, respectively, in Singer’s X-Men and X2 before both character were killed off in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand. Given the time-travel plotline of the new film, however, both characters have the potential to effortlessly return to the franchise.

Set for release on July 18, 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past features a script by Simon Kinberg and is said to be inspired by Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s comic book storyline that ran in “Uncanny X-Men” #141 and 142 back in 1981. “Days of Future Past” introduced the idea of an alternate future for Marvel’s mutants that grew out of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants killing an important senator, leading to a future where all mutants are hunted by Sentinels.

The film’s confirmed cast includes Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and Peter Dinklage.


Posted on 02/28/2013 by admin with Comments Off on James Marsden Joins Anchorman: The Legend Continues Filed under: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

James Marsden has taken a starring role in the upcoming Anchorman: The Legend Continues, Deadline reports. He’s said to be playing a rival news anchor to Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy.

Marsden joins the returning Christina Applegate, Steve Carell, David Koechner, Paul Rudd and newcomer Kristen Wiig in Adam McKay’s sequel to his 2004 comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

In addition to appearing as a regular character on the final season of NBC’s “30 Rock,” Marsden recently appeared in Robot and Frank and Bachelorette. He can next be seen on the big screen in Baltasar Kormakur’s 2 Guns.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues hits theaters on December 20th of this year.


Posted on 01/01/2013 by admin with Comments Off on James Marsden Welcomes Son William Luca Filed under: News

I apologize for posting this so late.  I held off on posting about this before when news first came out months ago as I wanted to be 100% sure & it looks like it is.  Congratulations Jimmy!

James Marsden is a father for the third time.

Brazilian model Rose Costa delivered a son, William Luca Costa-Marsden, on Friday, Dec. 14 in Los Angeles, PEOPLE has learned.

The 30 Rock star, who briefly dated Costa after his split from wife Lisa Linde in 2011, picked the name and is being very supportive, a source tells PEOPLE.

Marsden, 39, is already dad to daughter Mary James, 7, and son Jack Holden, 11, with Linde.

A rep for the actor could not be reached for comment.


Posted on 12/17/2012 by admin with Comments Off on Photoshoots Filed under: Gallery

Added 3 photoshoots to the Gallery.

Posted on 11/28/2012 by admin with Comments Off on 30 Rock On Set Photos & Stills Filed under: Gallery

Added photos of Jimmy on set taken on March 16th of this year & stills from 6×03 Idiots Are People Three!.

Posted on 10/02/2012 by admin with Comments Off on The Weinstein Company Takes The Butler Filed under: The Butler


The Weinstein Company announced today that they have acquired U.S. rights from Butler Films to distribute The Butler, directed by Academy Award nominated Lee Daniels (Precious). A new photo has also debuted, which you can check out at the bottom of the page.

A Laura Ziskin Production, The Butler is produced by Pamela Oas Williams, the late Laura Ziskin, Lee Daniels, Buddy Patrick and Cassian Elwes. Executive Producers include Hilary Shor and Adam Merims. It is co-produced by David Jacobson. The announcement was made today by TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein and COO David Glasser.

Comprising this award-winning cast are: Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland), Oprah Winfrey (The Color Purple), Mariah Carey (Precious), John Cusack (The Paperboy), Jane Fonda (On Golden Pond), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Jerry Maguire), Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), Minka Kelly (The Roommate), Lenny Kravitz (Precious), Melissa Leo (The Fighter), James Marsden (X-Men), David Oyelowo (The Paperboy), Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike), Vanessa Redgrave (Coriolanus), Alan Rickman (the Harry Potter films), Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting).

Based on the screenplay by Danny Strong & Lee Daniels, The Butler is inspired by Wil Haygood’s Washington Post article about an African-American man who served as a butler (Whitaker) to eight Presidents in the White House for over thirty years. From this unique vantage point, The Butler traces the dramatic changes that swept American society, from the civil rights movement to Vietnam and beyond, and how those changes affected this man’s life and family.

“What moves me most about this man is his quiet nature, grace and unmatched perspective that comes from being in one place – a very powerful one – during what was arguably the period in American history that saw the most change,” said Daniels, whose most recent film, The Paperboy, premiered at the 2012 Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals, and will also be featured in this fall’s New York Film Festival.

Said Weinstein, “Lee tells stories in a way no one else does. What struck me most about this story is the perspective it comes from, which in this case is the butler- a man who was a fly on the wall for decades in the world’s most powerful home. It takes an unbelievable cast like the one that’s in place to do this story justice, and we are proud to be given the chance to share this story with the world.”

Added Williams, “This has been a passion project for all involved and we are thrilled to be able to see Laura Ziskin’s vision for this film realized and know it will be a lasting tribute to her incredible career.”

The Butler is financed by Windy Hill Pictures, Follow Through Productions, Salamander Media, Salloway Rubenstein Productions/Crystal City Entertainment, Earl W. Stafford, Starstream Films, Yogi Entertainment, and Inner Media Capital. Executive Producers are Michael Finley, Sheila C. Johnson, Brett Johnson, Matthew Salloway, Earl W. Stafford, Jordan Kessler, Liz Destro, R. Bryan Wright, and James T. Bruce IV. Co-Executive Producers are Charles Sauveur Bonan, Allen Frederic, Kim Leadford, Harry I. Martin, Jr., Ari Daniel Pinchot and Jonathan Rubenstein.


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Posted on 08/20/2012 by admin with Comments Off on ‘Robot & Frank’ and a father-son bond Filed under: Robot & Frank

There’s a brave new world in the not too distant future in the low-key and charming sci-fi comedy drama “Robot & Frank.” It is a place where a frustrated adult son at his wit’s end about what to do about his failing father can buy a robot to provide companionship in the place of human family or friends. James Marsden plays Hunter, the desperate son, and he is of two minds about an android solution to very human problems.

“At first glance, it’s a little bleak to me,” the 38-year-old actor says during a chat at January’s Sundance Film Festival, where “Robot & Frank” made its premiere. “It’s subtracting the human element and our connections, which I think are essential to feeling alive, having human companionship. Also, too, the automation of everything – I like doing things manually. I have a stick shift. I like the control of doing things manually. I don’t like home automation, everything automated. We need to keep doing things manually. It’s good for us. So that scares me a little bit.

“In this film, with the automation, you’re essentially creating an artificially intelligent entity to be a companion to this person,” he adds. “But what was nice is that you see how much Frank learns about himself through the robot and how he looks at life and you see him actually turn from the curmudgeonly old man to somebody who realizes his capacity to feel for something or someone. The robot represents a real person to him.”

Frank Langella plays Frank, the aging ex-con, a cat burglar with a fading memory living an isolated rural life punctuated only by his trips to the local library and the weekly visits from Hunter. Peter Sarsgaard voices the robot that becomes Frank’s kind of synthetic lifeline and friend.

A little wariness

Marsden admits to a little wariness when he first read Christopher D. Ford’s script, even though he loved it. He knew that Langella had been advocating for him and wanted him in the role of his son. He also knew that he would be co-starring along with Liv Tyler, who plays Hunter’s sister Madison, and Susan Sarandon as Jennifer, the librarian that Frank is sweet on.

“I wanted to be associated with those people for sure and work with those people,” he says.

“The script I just thought was one of the most unique stories I’ve read,” he adds. “I read scripts all the time and it’s so rare that you read something that is specifically different and new.”

What worried Marsden was how he would characterize Hunter in a film in which the main focus is on Frank and his robot, leaving little time to do much more than suggest the complicated history between father and son.

“The character’s a little bit harsh to me. I want to make sure he’s not heartless, that he’s not leaving this robot because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to take care of his father,” Marsden remembers telling director Jake Schreier.

The filmmaker replied that what he saw was a son stepping up and trying to do the right thing for a difficult parent. He urged Marsden to play the character as a boy who grew up with a dad who spent years in prison and who had a habit of letting his son down.

Condition of discomfort

“You sort of explore this male condition of discomfort in showing emotions, especially male to male,” Marsden says. “I think Hunter cares a good deal for his father and he’s probably in a bit of denial that he’s losing him. Sometimes that manifests itself in maybe a little salty, aggressive way toward him. I think Hunter loves him dearly. I just think he’s like, ‘I don’t know what else to do. You won’t allow me to help you and I have to be with my kids, so let’s try this out. Be excited about it. I’m excited about it. I’m going to make your life richer this way.’ ”


Posted on 07/24/2012 by admin with Comments Off on Marsden replaces McConaughey as JFK Filed under: The Butler


The X Men actor landed the part as the former US president after Matthew McConaughey pulled out of the project.

The Butler tells the story of White House butler Eugene Allen, who served eight American presidents over the course of three decades.

Texan McConaughey apparently felt that he would struggle with Kennedy’s peculiar Boston accent and decided to turn down the role.

Forest Whitaker will play the title role, with Oprah Winfrey starring as his wife. The all-star cast also includes Alan Rickman (as Ronald Reagan), Jane Fonda (Nancy Reagan) and Robin Williams (Dwight D Eisenhower).

Nicole Kidman, Liam Neeson, Alex Pettyfer, Zac Efron, John Cusack and Cuba Gooding Jr have also been attached to the project.

The Butler starts filming later this month in New Orleans.


Posted on 07/24/2012 by admin with Comments Off on Bachelorette Trailer Filed under: Bachelorette

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