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Posted on 04/30/2017 by Jessica with Comments Off on Welcome back to James Marsden Web Filed under: Site

Hey everyone and welcome to the re-opening of James Marsden Web!

My name is Jessica and I’m the new owner of the site.  I’d like to thank the previous owners for letting me take over. I’ve been a fan of James’ for many years so I can safely say this site is in good hands.

When I adopted the site there were two available galleries, so I’m in the process of merging these into one all-encompassing resource. It will take a while, but when it’s complete the gallery will look much better.

I’d like to thank the beautiful Kaci for her help with these stunning layouts. Thank you for visiting and please check back soon for updates.

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Added 1 still from the film to the Gallery.

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All photos from Straw Dogs are back up in the Gallery along with a new On Set photo & still.

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Posted on 01/23/2016 by admin with Comments Off on HBO Temporarily Shuts Down Production On ‘Westworld,’ But Still Hoping For 2016 Debut Filed under: Westworld

Is there trouble on the horizon for HBO‘s star-studded, TV series take on Michael Crichton‘s “Westworld“? The talent is immense, with Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy running the sci-fi show which stars Ed Harris, James Marsden, Evan Rachel WoodThandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, and Jeffrey Wright, but it seems there needs to be some retooling before this one is ready for air.

Variety reports that HBO has shut down the show, explaining that a break is needed in order to get the creative elements back on track. “As we head into the final phase of production on ‘Westworld,’ we’ve made the decision to take a brief hiatus in order to get ahead of the writing,” the network said in a statement, while clarifying to the trade that they still aim for the show to premiere this year.

It’s another high profile effort from HBO to face problems. Last summer, the miniseries “Lewis And Clark” starring Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts was also shut down, with director John Curran (“The Painted Veil,” “Stone,” “Tracks“) and DP Rob Hardy (“Ex Machina,” “Tracks,” “Testament Of Youth“) exiting over “creative reasons.” And according to Affleck, the entire effort is being revamped from the ground up.

“The update is they are rewriting it, trying to make the scripts and the production a little bit more manageable,” he told Collider. “It was too unwieldy, they were trying to do so much, cover so many years, and it’s such a gigantic journey that it was almost impossible. It was a gigantic production that got lost control of and the seasons got ahead of them, and then they were finished. So now they’re sort of regrouping and aiming to just kind of start over again knowing what they know. It’ll be hard.”

So, two big hurdles for HBO to overcome in 2016. We’ll see if they can do it.



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Added 1 still to the Gallery.

Posted on 09/18/2015 by admin with Comments Off on Happy Birthday, James! Filed under: Site

From all of us at James Marsden Web, we would like to wish Jimmy a very Happy Birthday!

Posted on 06/01/2015 by admin with Comments Off on James Marsden, Thomas Middleditch Tapped for Animated Comedy ‘Henchmen’ Filed under: Henchmen

James Marsden, Thomas Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina and Nathan Fillion have signed on for the voice roles in Bron Studios’ upcoming comedy cartoon “Henchmen.”

Jane Krakowski, Rob Riggle, Craig Robinson and Will Sasso have also been cast to give voice to “Henchmen,” currently in production at the company’s studios in Burnaby and Duncan, British Columbia.

The movie is a Bron Studios production in association with CW Media Finance, with Adam Wood directing from is own script. Producers are Bron Studios’ Aaron L. Gilbert and Luke Carroll; executive producers are Jason Cloth of CW Media Finance and Bron’s Brenda Gilbert.

WME Global is handling sales of the film outside Canada, while eOne Canada will distribute in Canada.

Middleditch (“Silicon Valley”) is voicing Lester, a new recruit to the Union of Evil, where he is assigned to a motley crew of blue-collar workers led by a fallen henchmen (voiced by Marsden). The crew is assigned to the Vault of Villainy where Lester accidentally steals the ultimate weapon.


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